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The Science EP, 12″, EP, WYHS 016 Review assassin – Rotterdam

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Review by assassinrotterdam May 29, 2008 referencing The Science EP, 12″, EP, WYHS 016 “Putting most of us to sleep,in the 90″s ,with too many,i said too many Slowjams,and i wanna know where is the beats for the mind and for the feet ,not those songs that”s putting me to sleep” My gosh ,if there were any way…
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Bizzy B Reviews

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CowboyINC Seriously some of the craziest oldskool beats around. The man made some absolute intense bangers back in the day — I recommend his work to any true junglist. Even today in 2011 his work can still light up the dance floor as kids who were not even conceived of at the time these tracks…
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